About Us

Our Vision

Our vision at FastaMall Technologies Limited is to create a company which should serve as a platform to bridge the unnecessary gaps in the use of Information Technology in various fields of endeavour, but more especially in marketing. Therefore we always emphasize the use of ICT to do regular things in more efficient way.

We also have forseen from the onset the ever changing strategies in marketing as a whole and online marketing as a whole. We 

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring ICT solutions to every one and to encourage people to leverage on the platform to create wealth and business for themselves.

We are currently into the following:

Trust & Hardwork earned us all these:

When you know what you are doing and always give out the best at unbeatable prices against your top rivalries, you’ll earn the loyalty and respect of your clients. That’s the success story about FastaMall Technoloes Limited all through the years.

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Meet Our Most Talented Team Members

Every Success Story Has Credible People Behind It.

We parade the best of talents in technology industry. Our utmost priority is to give the people the best solutions at affordable prices, and for that to happen, we believe that we must keep handy a team of unrelenting and trusted experts in their respective domains to manage every aspect of our endevours.

Our History

FastaMall Technologies Limited is company with mandate to offer cost-effective ICT solutions to Nigeria and other part of the world.  FASTAMALL TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED  was registered with Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria with RC 1413493 in May 2017 after it has validly acquired assets and liabilities of other pre-existing companies which included Teilhard De Chardin Limited, Ojombo Communications, Jokosystems Communication, etc. Ojombo Communication was founded in 2005 while Teilhard De Chardin Limited was founded in 2009. JokoSystems Communications was founded in 2007. The primary owners of these pre-existing successful companies are the brains behind the new brand we know today as FastaMall Technologies Limited.


FastaMall Technologies Limited Was Founded

FastaMall Technologies Limited was founded on this day to acquire all the assets and liabilities of the pre-existing companies under a merger arrangement.


Teilhard De Chardin Limited Started

Teilhard De Chardin Limited came in to acquire the assets and liabilities of Ojombo Communications under the new name.


Jokosystems Communications Started

This company which was later  seen by many as a successful ICT company started this day in 2007


Ojombo Communications was Founded

We are on top of our game!

Looking back from where we started and where we are heading to, there is no atom of doubt that we are already making waves in this industry. We are open to training and re-training of our staff to acquire always the ever changing skills to be able to fit into this dynamic industry. Today, despite not starting with Social Media & Digital Marketing when we started as far back as in 2005, we are today one of the major stakeholders in Social Media & Digital Marketing in Nigeria.

Web Hosting
Web Designing
Digital Marketing
Corporate Training
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Professional Consultancy

We have a perfect working system designed over years and are experts in advising you on the best cost-effective system to use to work better and smarter in your field.

Perfect Solutions

With wide range of ideas in many facets of technology, we undertake many solution-based contracts with other companies and individual wishing to enhance their performances using the power of ICT.

Excellent Timing

Timing is one of the most most important factors today in technology business. Thus, we make sure that every project you undertake with us is being implemented as the best possible and quick time.

Budget Friendly

In all our services, we consider our clients and thus give them the best of the services they could get anywhere at very affordable prices. This is to encourage using technology solutions to do many old things we used to do in a smarter, better and exciting ways.

Our Clients

Our services to our various clients and customers in various ranges of endevours speak volumes of our workforce and our capacity to serve you better. The following brands love our services:


What They Are Saying

    Fastamall Technologies Limited brings into its fold, many varieties of technologies ranging from the online platforms like web hosting services, blogging and news services, system analysis and development, web application development and consultancy, graphics designs, branding and packaging, printing and publishing, software development, corporate training, social media marketing, video/sound editing, animation studio, internet marketing, Google PPC, video and mobile marketing, mobile applications development, etc.


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