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We have perfect Web Design packages

Hosting & designing your website don’t need to be hectic. We have reliable options you can choose to get your business on the net at very affordable prices. Our prices are tailored towards our philosophy of making website ownership as much important to all business owners as their business premises. While your business premises are limited to the hours and days that your businesses are open, website is not restricted to time. Your business will be online 24/7 and all round the year.

Your website tells all about you.

Your website is your shop online, so it should do everything the physical shop could do and even more. Your site should not only look appealing, it should be able to attract traffic and turn the visitors to potential customers that will keep coming back and referring others. This is achieved by designing a website with a sound understanding of who your target audience are, how they would behave and make it easy for them to navigate your site without single frustration. This is what we do at Fastamall Technologies because we don’t just give you a website that we want. We give you a site that you and your visitors will be in love with by first understanding your business and how your target audience will likely behave.

Fastamall Technologies Ltd is one of the best website design and content development companies based in Nigeria serving clients across the globe. Our focus is to partner with you for your digital growth and give you result orientated solutions that will help grow your business online. All we need is to hear your unique ideas and we will develop a plan that will turn those ideas into a viable reality.

What do you want visitors to do in your site?


Don’t waste money and time driving traffic to your site only to see them leave without action due to very poor user experience. Understand that visitors will leave your site once there is no immediate call for action or instruction on what to do. So, you have only but seconds to introduce yourself to any first-time visitors, telling him who you are, what you do, how you are going to be of any help to them and why they should settle with you rather than your competitors. If visitors don’t see answers to these questions as soon as they visit, they will leave the site.   

Our website Features

Cross-Browser Compatibility: Our designs are cross-browser compatibility that you don’t need to worry which browser your visitors maybe using and how your site will display on their browser.

Ultra-Responsive: We will give you an ultra-responsive website designed for all nature of devices like desktop, laptop, tablets and smartphones. You don’t need to worry how your visitor will see your site on their devices.

Easy to Customize: We will give you self-editable website with Content Management System (CMS) to enable you to easily manage your site yourself if you so wish.

SEO Friendly: Search Engine Optimization will optimise your website, bring more customers and grow your business twice faster than businesses who do not have one. It will help brings “targeted” traffic to your website, and eventually more customers to your business than any other marketing tactics you’ll ever have to use. When your sites appear on the first page of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, your potential customers are more likely to trust your brand than other brands that don’t have a strong web presence.

Customised Email Address: Our designs come with a customised email addresses that will make your business stand out and respected than when you use generic email addresses like gmail for your business.

What we do

At Fastamall Technologies we provide comprehensive web solutions to our clients from design concept, implementation to maintenance. Our team of expert web designers will surely deliver desired quality that aligned with your requirements and trends within the time frame agreed.  List of our web designing services are below:

  • Business / Corporate websites
  • E-commerce websites
  • Online shops / Auction websites
  • Product listing websites
  • Hotels websites
  • School websites/portals (Primary, Secondary and University)
  • Hospital websites and intranet
  • Dating / social network sites
  • Religious / Political sites
  • Personal / Blog sites

Our Approach

Our designs follow three major approaches that centred on driving your site to the top above your competitors.

Your Objectives: We starts by understanding what your objectives are which will help us determine what you want your visitors to achieve on the site. With this in mind, we will study the industry to make sure your website stands out among your competitors by paying specific attention to your unique selling points.  

Global Best Practices: We will design your site bearing in mind the acceptable global best practice so that irrespective who your customers are and where they come from, they don’t get confused navigating through your site. We will give you what works best on the world wide web.

UX Review: Our user experience team will carry out user experience audit that will lead to the process of enhancing user satisfaction with your site by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with the site.

User Friendly Controls: When building our sites, we consider long-term management of the site in mind. We design our sites with an easy to use content management system like wordpress. This makes it easy for our clients to quickly take over the control of the management hence they can edit and add new contents themselves.

Hosting: We made it easier for our clients as we can as well design and host their sites for them without involving any third party. This makes any technical enquires and problems to be resolved quickly and directly.

Our Development Cycle

At Fastamall Technologies, web development follows a methodology from beginning to the very end to ensure that we delivered on our promise.

  • Project Definition: Project definition as the first stage of our web development circle is where we educate the client about the project delivery and cost options. This may include but not limited to project description, user experience design and functional specifications.
  • Project Scope: At this stage we clearly and meticulously outline the project activities, deliverables and timelines to clear understanding of the client.
  • Wireframe: Here some of the major sections of the site is laid out and decision on what kind of content each section will have is made.
  • Design: At design stage the agreed wireframes are now transformed into full-scale designs using your branding and colour schemes. Here talk about content development or refinement, audio or video creation, slideshows and any other media that will appear on the screen.
  • Development: At this stage, we begin to build the website and determine what backend functionality required to allow your team to update your site. This being a programming stage uses such languages like PHP, ASP.net, JavaScript, HTML, CSS among others.
  • Integration: Here we combine your analytics, marketing automation systems, application programming interface and other tools into the website.
  • Site Testing: The website is tested by the internal audience in the present of the client or his representative on our production server. Any problem encountered during the testing will be resolved before going live.
  • Deployment: Once the testing is successful, the site evaluated, and all necessary changes implemented, the site will be deployed to go live. Other issues like broken links will be addressed once the site is live.
  • Maintenance: Site maintenance is a daily and on-going process. Broken links fixed, contents updates and new one added, and changes required at the backend implemented on a regular basis.

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